Verbundprojekt MeProRisk II: Optimierungsstrategien und Risikoanalyse für tiefe geothermische Reservoire - eine Machbarkeitsstudie: Teilprojekt F: Paralleles Rechnen und optimale Versuchsplanung.




In a previous project, the MeProRisk consortium developed new techniques enabling an improved estimation of temperature and flow rates in deep geothermal reservoirs with quantification of their uncertainties. However, these new techniques for reservoir characterization and risk prediction were so far applied only to the analysis of carefully chosen and synthetically generated test problems. The aim of this follow-up project was to apply these techniques to various concrete geothermal reservoirs and to evaluate their applicability in the context of technical and economical geothermal exploration. In the subproject F of this joint research project, we developed and implemented a strategy to parallelize the forward model of SHEMAT-Suite and its stochastic inverse methods on distributed-memory computers. Moreover, we formulated and solved practical problems from optimal experimental design. In particular, we determined the positions of boreholes such that the uncertainty of parameter estimations of ground properties from measurements taken in the borehole is minimized.