Endowed Professorship in 'Scalable Data and Computationally Intensive Analyses'

Status: ongoing


The aim of this endowed professorship which is affiliated with the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena is to bridge the gap in two different directions. In the methodological direction, it is intended to bring together data science and simulation science, two scientific disciplines with different communities, cultures, and methodologies. In the direction of applications, the professorship aims at combining principles from computer science and mathematics with real interdisciplinary research fields to exploit the synergies of the different scientific disciplines that complement each other. A particular focus of the professorship is on methods and applications that scale to a large number of processors.

Collaborating Institutions at FSU Jena

  • Scalable Data- and Compute-intensive Analyses, Institute for Computer Science


Carl Zeiss Foundation within the program «Endowed Professorships», 2020-2025


Project Homepage: CZS Scalable data and computationally intensive analyses