Developing a new Course on 'Artificial Intelligence for Science'

Status: ongoing


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is tightly coupled to our modern lives. The availability of massive data sets and advances in raw compute power established AI as a breakthrough technology for many of the hardest problems in scientific domains like speech processing, computer vision, and natural language processing. At the same time, applying AI to grand challenges in science remains a difficult task due to the required high degree of interdisciplinary expertise and the sheer size of the science-driven computational workloads.

As part of the joint educational project THInKI at Friedrich Schiller University (FSU) Jena and Technical University Ilmenau, we are designing a new master-level class on «Artificial Intelligence for Science». This practically-oriented class will be integrated into FSU Jena’s recognized Master’s degree program Computational and Data Science. In the new class, our students will explore and harness efficient and scalable AI techniques for end-to-end workflows at the fascinating interface between computational sciences and data sciences.

Collaborating Institutions at FSU Jena

  • Scientific Computing, Institute for Mathematics
  • Scalable Data- and Compute-intensive Analyses


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 2021-2025